4 in 1 RF Vibration Massager Fat Remover Machine Handheld with Smart LCD Display For Body Sliming Skin Tightening

Rechargeable Shaping Massager: Our product can helps to reduce weight, tighten skin, and improve wrinkles. This is an effective and portable device applicable for arm, belly, upper leg, lower leg, back, waist, and hip, suitable for all kinds of skin.
Radio Frequency function: Powerful RF function acts on the skin layer to cause high heat effects and enhance fat burning so that it can be dissolved faster in your body to lose weight.
CV function: It can go deep into the skin for 4-6 mm in the body to smash fat mass and make lymphatic detox, promotes the breakdown of stubborn cellulite and shapes your arms, legs and lower abdomen, achieve the purpose of fat reduce and skin whitening.
4 modes: Just press the ON/OFF button, and you can easily changing the mode you need. Please not exceed 15 minutes use every mode.(Before use our machine, apply cream or oil on the required parts will be better.)

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