AM FM Portable Radio // Pocket Radios – Best Reception, Small Battery Operated Cordless Personal Transistor, Loud Built-in Speaker, 3.5mm Mono Headphone Jack – Powered by 2 AA Batteries (Black)

Why are AM / FM radios a better choice over smartphones?

◆ Battery Efficient – they use much less battery power because they are simple electronics

◆ Reliable – they don’t rely on cellular service or internet connection speed to work

◆ Lower Cost – they cost far less than MP3 players, ipods, and smartphones

◆ Long-Lasting and Durable – Many people keep their radios for decades because radio technology doesn’t change. There are no software updates or hardware upgrades to keep up with.

◆ Nostalgic Feeling – There’s something about listening to a radio. It’s like taking a step back in time.

On the go or around the home – ideas for using your new radio…

◆ Perfect for taking to the beach, on your next hike, camping trip, or family vacation.

◆ Pack away in your emergency/natural disaster kit to stay connected during troubling times.

◆ Catch the big game or NASCAR race while working in the garage or backyard.

◆ Have a cell phone-free family night and listen to your favorite music together.

◆ Listen to your favorite talk radio or news show, while being productive at work.

Radio Features:

✔ 2-Band AM/FM Radio

✔ Frequency Range: AM: 510 kHz – 1720 kHz / FM: 87 MHz – 108 MHz

✔ Built-in speaker

✔ LED Tuning and Power Indicators

✔ Telescopic antenna

✔ 3.5mm mono headphone jack

✔ Removable Hand strap for easy carrying

✔ Power Requirements: 3 V DC, (2) “AA” batteries (Batteries not included)

Certified RoHS Compliant in accordance with the relevant provisions of EU RoHS Directive 2011/65/EU ⚠

SIMPLE TUNER with SUPERIOR RECEPTION: LED tuning and power indicators, a telescopic antenna (extends to 14 inches), and a powerful digital tuning chip, make receiving your favorite station a breeze. Great for baseball games, kids, and elderly.
NEWS / SPORTS / MUSIC: Step away from technology while still dialing in the broadcasts you need. Stay connected to the world when hurricanes, earthquakes, and other emergency disasters strike – a survival kit essential. (earphones not included)
LONGEST-LASTING PERFORMANCE: Powered by (2) AA batteries (not included) this energy-efficient and high quality analog radio will provide countless hours of enjoyment. Be a good eco-friendly listener and fill your radio with rechargeable batteries.
LIGHTWEIGHT-COMPACT-SLIM-HANDY: Weighs just under 4.5 oz and measures a mere 2.5 in by 4.75 in. Small-sized and handheld for when space is at a premium but you need large sound. Great for walking, hiking, camping outdoors, and backpack travel.
SHOP with CONFIDENCE: This device is covered against defect by a strong 12-Month replacement warranty, similar to what you’d expect from brands like Sony or Panasonic. Simply follow the directions at the bottom of your user manual.

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