Body Weight Loss Device Body Slimming for Body Fat Removal Radio Frequency Machine

Please do NOT use this item on your head, neck,
collarbone, chest (esipecially round your heart), elbow, wrist,
ankle, feet, and backbone
Persist on using this device to get a better effect
Please also keep on a healthy diet and exercise
Input voltage: 100-240V
Output voltage: DC 12V 400mA
Power: 20W
Charging duration: 6 hours gross
Net weight: 690 g
Net dimension: 114*90*106 mm
Package Including:
1 x Weight Loss Machine
1 x US Plug
1 x USB Charger
1 x User Manual
Skin Firming Mode:fat machine can use red light, radio frequency to reach the dermis layer to eliminate wrinkle and quick weight loss.
Shaping mode :uses vibration to transmit movement instructions to fat layers, burn fat, and shape body curves to firm skin.
RADIO FREQUENCY FUNCTION: RF have an effect on shrink collagen and tightening skin.
Fat Burning Mode :High frequency can penetrates into the body’s fat layer, promoting the burning of subcutaneous fat and excluding out of the body.

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