Cobra AC 702 4-Foot Microphone Extension Cable

Add extra length to your CB handset with this 4-foot extension cable, which fits handset models HH70 and 75 WXST. The cable features a braided cord that stretches when pulled but coils up compactly when left slack. The cable is also easy to attach thanks to the screw-on connectors, which fit between the handheld unit and the connector box. Thanks to the extension cable, you can easily communicate via CB almost anywhere in the front cab, making this a safe and convenient purchase. The cable comes in a two-color display box.4-foot coiled handset extension cable for Cobra CB radios
Easy-to-attach screw-on connectors fit between handheld unit and connector box
Braided cord stretches long when pulled but coils up compactly when not in use
Makes CB communication safer and more convenient in the truck
Compatible with Cobra HH70 and 75 WXST handset models

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