Cobra Marine Radio – MR HH150 FLT – 3 Watt, Floating, Long Range, Handheld, VHF Radio, NOAA, International, Waterproof, Submersible, Weather Alerts, LCD Screen, Belt Clip

The new Cobra Marine VHF Radio Float HH150FLT is for the water enthusiast. This entry level, hand-held floating radio is anything but basic. Designed to enhance the “On the water” experience for all types of water sports, the HH150 has a user-friendly interface, large display and floating capabilities with indicators, such as TX/RX signal strength, battery status, scan, DW, Weather channel to keep you safe. The MR HH150 uses a rechargeable AAA batteries (included) with the option of carrying additional standard AAA batteries to avoid ever being powerless, especially in emergencies. What’s more, it’s maximum range and low power consumption for extended operating time give marine enthusiasts unmatched reliability and peace of mind. It’s Convenient. It’s Quality-built. It Floats. It’s a CobraIT FLOATS – The perfect radio for marine use of any size boat. Built with an orange core that makes it easy see while floating and retrieve if it gets dropped overboard.
WATERPROOF – Designed to withstand the elements, this radio is rated submersible to an industry standard JIS7 which gives you 30 minutes of protection at one-meter depth. Equipped with rechargeable batteries, you can avoid purchasing batteries frequently
LONG RANGE COMMUNICATION – Get your message where you need it to go. Whether its short range or long distance, the selectable 3-Watt VHF options can reach a wide range of distances with quality connection
INTERNATIONAL USE – Travel with ease, this radio comes with the capability to operate in USA, Canada and other international destinations. You will feel confident in your communication no matter the destination. A must have boat accessory.
NOAA AND WEATHER ALERTS – Gain instant access to National All Hazard and Weather Information. Be the first to know about incoming weather threats or important news. 24 hours per day, you will have accurate and live information

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