Dakota Alert M538-HT MURS 2-Way Wireless Transceiver – Handheld Radio (2 Pack) Bundled 12 Pack Blucoil AA Batteries

Dakota Alert M538-HT MURS Wireless Transceivers (2-Pack)

Dakota Alert offers ease-of-use wireless communication for home and business! The M538-HT Handheld Radio Transceiver operates on six AA batteries and has a range of up to 2 or more miles. It works with M538-BS Base Station and able to both transmit/receive messages from other MURS radios. You can roam around warehouses or construction sites with the transceiver and still be able to keep in touch with your staff. Plus, this wireless radio does not require an FCC license to operate.


  • No. of Channels: 5
  • Operating Frequencies per Channel: 1=151.820MHz, 2=151.880MHz, 3=151.940MHz, 4=154.570MHz, 5=154.600MHz
  • No. of Sub-channels: 38
  • No. of Paging Call Tones: 4 (selectable)
  • Operating Range: Up to 2 or more miles depending on local terrain
  • Power Requirement: 6 AA batteries
  • Power Output: 1.34W
  • Dimensions (WxDxH): 4.75 x 5.75 x 1.75″
  • Weight: 12oz

Grab this awesome bundle today and receive 12 additional AA Blucoil Batteries to power up your MURS radios!UPGRADE YOUR BUSINESS COMMUNICATION WITH MURS – The Dakota Alert M538-HT 2-way radio transceiver offers a group of multi-use radio service frequencies that allows you to communicate with your staff wirelessly without expensive trenching or monthly air-time fees. Plus, Dakota Alert’s MURS doesn’t require an FCC license so no need to worry about cumbersome license applications.
PROVIDES TWO-WAY CONVERSATION – The handheld radio transmits and receives messages from other MURS radio units. It operates on 5 channels with 38 sub-channels.
GIVES YOU COMPLETE CONTROL – Press the MON button to monitor one of the main channels. You’ll be able to hear all sub-channel conversation; this allows you not to talk over other people who are using the same channel. You can also use the LOCK feature to prevent others from changing channels or altering the settings.
OFFERS PRIVATE LISTENING – The M538-HT transceiver comes with an earphone jack for private listening.
INCLUDES – 2-Pack of Dakota Alert M538-HT MURS Wireless Transceiver. 12-Pack of Blucoil AA Batteries.

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