Dakota Alert MURS Wireless 2-Way Handheld Radio, M538-HT

– Dakota Alert MURS handheld 2-way radio- Receives alert signals from the MURS Alert transmitter and also can beused for two way voice munications between other MURS transceivers- 5 Channels and 38 sub channels to help you municate with other users- Powered by 6 rechargeable AA batteries (included) that will last for about 40 hours on a charge- Capable of municating over distances of several miles (depending on terrain)- FCC also allows you to use MURS without a license (although other radio services require a license MURS is license free!)- When an alert signal is received from the MURS Alert transmitter the HT will sound off with the voice of the alert signal and will also display an alert icon as a visual display that an alert signal has been received- Many different applications for small businesses farms security guards outdoorsmen; anyone who needs to have real time monitoring and two way voice munications will benefit from MURS- BlackDKM538HTManufactured to the Highest Quality Available.
With True Enhanced Performance.
Latest Technical Development.

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