DBNICE Walkie Talkies for kids, Walkie Talkies 22 Channels Two Way Radio Up to 3 Miles Longe Range Handheld Mini Walkie Talkie with LCD Screen, Best Gift Toys for Boys and Girls, 2 Pack, Red

Best Gifts for your kids!

If you have a child who is a fan of outdoor excursions and adventures, look no further than this professional-grade communications equipment walkie talkies from DBnice.

Give them short wave communications custom made for kids with this great set of walkie talkies.


22 channels PMR system

LCD Screen

Handheld type

Frequency: 400-470mhz

Range: Up to 3 miles ( max 5km in open field)

Battery: 3 x AAA for each (Batteries Not Included)

Radio Service: FRS/ GMRS

Transmission power : =<500m W ERP

Channel spacing: 12. 5/25 KHz

Duo charger adapter output: 7. 5vdc/300ma

Scanning for an active radio channel

Transmitting and receiving icons

Stay connected to friends and family

Fun and Easy to Use

Package Included:

2 x DBnice Walkie Talkies (Batteries not included)

2 x Belt clip

1 x User manual

🌹Easy to use🌹: Simple interface, perfect for a first-time walkie talkie user, the perfect size for small hands and the buttons are relatively straight forward to figure out. Super simple for children to use that’s to the PTT/CALL function.
🌹Upgrade Great Sound Quality:🌹 Comes with a powerfull chipset, crisp and smooth sound quality with adjustable volume level. Auto scan feature will find the clearest channel and squelch function automatically, which will mute the background noise so you get the crisp sound even in crowded places.
🌹Just Right Long Range🌹: Up to 3 miles long range in open field. Range is also a huge concern because we don’t want too larger of a reange, but also do not want too small of range, DBnice walkie talkies on this list hit that sweet spot of not too far away, not to close, but just right.
🌹Safety🌹: Safety is one of our biggest concerns with walkie talkies. We looked at the overall range of the toy and for what ages these different walkie talkies were made for, while these devices can be extremely fun and engaging for children.
🌹Imaginative and cooperative playtime🌹: we looked at the walkie talkies design, range, and number of connections in regard to playing pretend. We go into greater depth with each aspect of evaluation and what we looked for specifically.

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