GHB Walkie Talkies for Kids, 22 Channel Walkie Talkies 2 Way Radio 3 Miles up to 5 Miles FRS/GMRS Handheld Mini Walkie Talkies for Kids (Pair) (Orange)

Product Description

Here is the right way on using the kids walkie talkies
1, It requires 3 AAA batteries, so you need to use the right batteries
2, If you match the wrong channel between the two ghb walkie talkies, they will not work well or the reception will be more weak and not clear, so you need to match the same channel between them.
3, There shouldn’t have other signal interference
4, Ways to match the walkie talkie channel: first you can learn from the introduction; second you can follow the description on the page

(Another easy way to operate the channels:)

1. Short press the MENU/PWR button once time, you can see the CH number is flashing, it means you can change that CH number to what you want, press the SCAN to up the number or press the MONI button to down the number, and press the MENU/PWR button or the left side (PPT)to confirm it; Then you can see the number of the CTCSS is flashing,press the SCAN or MONI button choose a number you want,press the SCAN to up the number or press the MONI button to down the number, and press the MENU/PWR button or the left side (PPT)to confirm. The other device is the same way to operate.

2.On the left side, there is a soft button(PPT), when you want to talk, just press and hold it, after you complete talking, just release your hand.
3. The two kids walkie talkies must be in the same Channel and the same CTCSS.That would make your voice more clear and more powerful.

① If there is a bit noice, please press & hold the left side PPT or the MONI button for at least 3 seconds and it would be ok again.
② That may shows there is the signal interfered, so you need to change the channel. A different Channel.


1 x User’s Manual
2 x Charging Cables
2 x kids Walkies Talkie(AAA Batteries Not Included)

CRYSTAL CLEAR SOUND WALKIE TALKIES: Crisp and smooth sound quality with adjustable volume level. Having Auto squelch function for this kids walkie talkies.
SMALL AND EXQUISITE WALKY TALKY: Fashion and lovely! Easy to use, the best electronic holiday gift for children. Small size walkie talkie for kids, even for smaller hands. It is a best kids toys for 4,5,6,7-years old boys and girls.
BEST ELECTRIC GIFTS FOR AGE 3 AND UP: Channel scan, Channel lock, Low battery alert, Simply press PTT key to talk using built-in microphone and stay connecting with your friends and families especially in outdoor activities.
SMART SYSTEM WALKIE TALKIE FOR KIDS: PMR system auto scan function. Electronic volume adjustment, auto squelch, built in flashlight. Situation can be real-time monitoring of children, anti wandered off, intelligent alarm system etc.
WALKIE TALKIES LONG RANGE: FRS/GMRS 2-way radios are access to both the FRS and GMRS bands with range up to 6KM, supporting 22 channel PMR system to transmit and receive (Please note: range may vary depending on terrain and atmospheric conditions).

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