Ham Radio Handbook: Beginners Guide To understanding and getting started with Ham radio (Simple tricks on how to get a license easily included)

Are you overwhelmed on how to get started with your ham radio/ pass the general test even as a complete beginner?
Do you wish to be a ham radio operator?
Then worry no more!

This concise yet comprehensive manual has provided all you need to know about the ham radio even as an absolute beginner. It contains practical step by step guide on how you can become an expert.

Below is a preview of what you will learn:

What ham radio is all about?
-History, mechanism and benefits of ham radio
-How to become a ham radio operator
-Effective ways to study for your licensing exams
-Where to get an affordable equipment
-Basic tips, hacks and strategies that will help you score higher
-And many more

Take action today and become a ham expert while the offer lasts! Hit the BUY BUTTON and get this manual into your library!!

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