Ham Radio Operator Journal: Ham Radio Contact Keeper; Amateur Ham Radio Station Log Book; Logbook for Ham Radio Operators; Ham Radio Communication … Radio-Wave Frequency & Power Test Logbook

Troubleshooting Ham radio problems or preparing for radio licensing exam? This is may be what you need!

Amateur Radio Contact Logbook (8.5″ X 11″ – 120 Pages)

Your ham radio station consist of a set of equipment and antennas. For the whole system to work properly, each piece of equipment should see certain signals and settings at each of its connectors and controls. As many common station issues are attributed to those signals and settings, constant testing is required.

This customized station logbook allows you to record your contact test log. A suitable and comprehensive logbook for any radio enthusiast.

Logbook section includes:

  • Date
  • Time start finish
  • Frequency
  • Mode
  • Power
  • Station
  • Report
  • QSL
  • Remarks

This logbook makes a good and essential gift for any radio enthusiast.

So scroll up and dive in today!

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