Hand Crank Flashlight, Wanfei Portable Emergency Radio Crank Cell Phone Charger 1500mAh Rechargeable Self Powered Dynamo Torch Vehicle LED Flashlight for Car Camping Hurricanes and Home

This multi-function hand crank radio flashlight has long lasting, full power can be used continuously for 4 hours of light, It is absolutely necessary for home or outdoor

– Small and light, easy to carry –
Product size is only 18 * 7.9cm, fully suitable for holding. Can also be carried on the bag, in case of emergency, easy to use
– Alarm function –
Flashlight installed burglar alarm function, with red and blue lights flash each other prompts, there are 70 dB sound. Face of dangerous disaster, calm and self-confidence to deal with
– Mobile power fast charging function –
Built-in 1500mAh capacity long life maintenance-free rechargeable battery, can quickly charge to the phone, so that mobile phone will not power off. Suitable for iPhone5/6, Samsung galaxy 6/7, Huawei and more
– Automatic radio function –
Built-in speaker high-fidelity FM radio; button typed two-way control the volume and automatic search, lock. Listen to the frequency range: 87.5MHz ~ 108MHz
– Hidden antenna –
With 5 sets of tool combination,take out the longest tool of the 5 set tools and it can use as Radio Antenna. So it can greatly enhance the sensitivity of the radio
– Home outdoor enthusiasts essential –
In the event of a disaster, the flashlight is extremely useful. The family should also prepare an emergency package. Multi-purpose flashlight is also a family or outdoor necessary tools.

Power: 2W
Max flightshot: 80 m
Battery capacity: 1500MAH
Product Size: 18 * 7.9 * 4cm
Packing size: 18.8 * 8.2 * 4.6cm
Product weight: 346G (packing + line)
Applicable environment: search, hunting, daily carry, cave, teaching, night fishing, camping, diving

Package include:
1 * Hand crank radio flashlight
1 * USB cable2 Charging Methods: Hand charge + USB input charge. Output current is 1000mA, to the flashlight inside the battery charge, battery capacity up to 1500mAh. Hand-cranked can keep the flashlight work on all the time
Emergency Phone Charging: The multi-function flashlight can be used as a mobile power bank. When the phone is power off, the flashlight can emergency charge for the mobile phones and other mobile devices. Hand crank self powered , keeping the phone online in an emergency
2 Grade of LED Lighting: High-brightness Spotlight and high-power 2W LED flashlight, you can switch 2-Grade dimming mode (super light / light). The flashlight’s maximum range of 80 meters, suitable for outdoor night
Alarm & Radio: In case of emergency, please listen to rescue information, issue an alarm message ,and peace of mind waiting for the rescue. If it is in leisure time, you can listen to music with your friends and family in the backyard
5 in 1 Set of Tools: Beer opener, screwdriver, cross screwdriver, emergency cutter, army tool, 5 in 1 outdoor tools,using these tools for self-help. And these things are also commonly used in everyday use

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