HOSHINE Multi-functional 4-way Powered LED Camping Lantern & Flashlight with AM/FM Radio & Cell Phone Charger, Color Yellow


The Solar Dynamo LED Lantern with radio&siren is a good tool for your outdoor activity.Its hand-cranked power generation function can be used without any power supply.Made of durable, high-impact plastic, Can adapt to different use scenes, such as camping, fishing, travel, climbing .Can adapt to different use scenes, such as camping, fishing, tourism, mountain climbing. At the same time in emergency situations is also necessary emergency supplies.

Radio Bands:
AM: 530 KHz to 1710KHz
FM: 87.5 to 108 MHz or 76-108 MHz

Micro USB charge power:
Charge full within 6-7 hours. Don’t charge it more that 8 hours.
Solar panel:
35-60 mAh when changing the batteries. Can be fully charged under the direct sunlight for over 15 hours.
Hand crank:
By one minute of winding(130 turn/minute) 5 LED can last 12 mins, LED lamp last 8 mins,
radio can play 25 mins which depending on volume.
3 * AA Dry batteries

4 kinds of charging methods to ensure that in any case will not power shortage
Built-in warning device and speaker .Siren sound level up to 90 dB.
Super bright flashlight with 5 LED ,emergency lamp with 8 LED .
Turn the Change Button on and use the wind up charging , can charge for mobile phone.

When hand cranking to charge, please make sure all the function is turned off, especially charging for the mobile phone or other digital products.
Mobile phone charging function is only recommended for use in emergencies because of the not high conversion efficiency.
Lithium battery will be cut off if you add 3×AA battery. Please take out the dry batteries when unused.Multi-functional solar / hand crank LED camping lantern & Flashlight with AM/FM radio & cell phone charger
Solar, hand crank, batteries & 5V DC USB 4-way powered lantern for outdoor use and emergency preparedness
Super-bright,long-life & energy-efficient 8-LED lantern & 5-LED flashlight
Built-in output 5V standard USB port for charging cell phone and other compatible portable device
Bult-in speaker and telescopic antenna for loud, crispy sound and razor-sharp reception

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