Ivation Solar Crank NOAA Weather Emergency Radio, LED Flashlight, Smartphone Charger with Cable, Rechargeable, Rainproof, & Compact,Orange

The All in one multi-function emergency Digital Displayed Radio includes a built in solar panel and Hand Crank Dynamo Power Generator, Also can be recharged with included DC cable with 4 adapters that will work for almost any phone available,
Features high quality super clear AM/FM/NOAA Weather Band Digital Radio and can recharge most Smart phones/ Cellphones MP3 devices,
With all this it makes it a most have emergency survival device, so we designed it rainproof to be conveniently used outdoors while camping, hiking, biking, or other sports.

Product Features:
* Digital AM/FM/(7 Channel) NOAA WB radio
* AM Frequency: 520 – 1710 KHz
* FM Frequency: 87 – 108.6MHz
* WB: 1)162.400 – 162.550 MHz
* Power saver alert function
* Built in 360 degrees rotatable antennae
* Water Resistant – Rainproof
* Audio headset socket
* Blue LED, screen backlight
* 3 LED Push Button White flashlight
* Built in hand crank dynamo charger
* Built in solar panel
* Also charge with USB cable
* Cellphone,MP3, etc., charger w/ 4 adapters
* Built In AAA800mAh/3.6V Ni-MH (replaceable)
* Charging and Discharging protection
* Charging light indicator
* Non slip rubberized finishing
* Compact size 5″ x 3.15″ x 1.77 ”
* Weighs 6.6 OZ
* Locking Carbineer Hanging Hook
* Complies with CE, FCC & RoHS

Product Specifications:
After 1 minute cranking
* 20 minute of radio
* 30 minutes of flashlight power
* 3 minutes Cellphone talk time

Box Contents:
* Ivation Tri charge Digital Radio and Flashlight
* Mini USB to USB Charging cable
* 2.5 MM to phone adapter cable
* 4 Adapters, Micro USB, Mini USB, 8 Pin Lighting, USB IN,
* Detailed User Manual
* Very useful for emergency situations like power outages or blackouts due to hurricanes, or any intermittent weather.High quality super clear digital displayed AM/FM/NOAA Weather Band Radio with rotatable extendable antenna, and blue display backlight
Super Bright white 3 LED Flashlight to light your way in total darkness, and a hanging clip to hook on while using it or charging it
Emergency Cellphone, Smart phone, or any Digital device charger, with included DC cable and 4 adapters, USB in, Micro USB, Mini USB, 8 Pin Lighting. Built-in charging and discharging protection
Varity of recharging options, Direct Sunlight solar power, Hand cranking Dynamo Generator, USB cable to computer (included),
Scratch resistant soft rubberized finishing and Compact sized makes it rainproof and easy to carry around and take along outdoors, Camping, Hiking, etc.

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