Jingtong JT-5988HP 12-Watt Tri-Power 10/5/3W Dual Band Two Way Radio 4800 mAh Battery 128-Channel Portable Handheld Transceiver

Features & Functions
☆ Memory channel: 128channels
☆ Band:UHF(400-480MHZ)
FM (76-107MHz)
☆ VHF&UHF independent channel operation, better TX/RX performance
☆ RF Output Power: 12w/5w 136-174MHz:》10watts 400-480mhz:<10watts
☆ 4800mAh Polymer Lithium Battery
☆ Dual Band dual Display dual Standby
☆ 3 Colors Backlight
☆ End tone elimination
☆ VOX makes the operation more convenient
☆ English voice reporting/mute voice
☆ Emergency alarm/remote alarm
☆ High power long battery life
☆ channel step: 0.5khz/2.5khz/5khz/6.25khz/10khz/12.5khz/25khz/37.5khz/50khz/100khz
☆ CTCSS/DCS scanning

Dimension: 5.5*2.44*1.77in
weight: 0.8lb

Video 1 – Setting up the JT-5988HP USB Programming Cable
1. Upgraded JT-5988HP Manually Function Operation, the label to download program software inside the package, Setting up PC Programming Video at https://youtu.be/cp6PwOgSLfs
2. Well-constructed, Funtional, Inexpensive, Flexible, IDEAL FOR THE NEW HAM. Dimension: 5.51*2.44*1.77in, Weight: 0.89lb, High Power Output: 12-Watt, Upgrade Stock Antenna (high gain and low SWR, improve receiver and better audio quality)
3. High/Mid/Low Power Settings (10W/5W/3W), 4800 mAh POLYMER LITHIUM BATTERY, USEFUL TIPS for Keypad Programming at https://s3.amazonaws.com/jt-5988/Useful+Tips+for+Keypad+Programming.docx and Computer software at https://s3.amazonaws.com/jt-5988/JT-5988+High+Mid+Low.rar or JTDJJ.com
4. DULPEX CHANNELS, Frequency Range: 76-107 MHz (Only commercial FM radio reception), Dual Band (Rx/Tx VHF: 136-174/UHF: 400-520MHz), Dual Display and Dual Standby
5. 128-Channel/25 Radio Stations, Broadband (Wide) 25khz/Narrowband (Narrow) 12.5khz Selectable, Frequency Step 0.5kHz

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