Kenwood Original TH-K20A 144 MHz FM Amateur Transceiver 5.5 Watts, RX: 136-174 MHz (Cellular Blocked)

TH-K20A 144MHz Mono Band FM Transceiver Added Features • Tone Alert (Bell) • Cross Tone • Weather CH Scan • Firmware Upgradeable • Key Lock Type Select General Features • 5.5W RF Output for 144MHz • 5.0W RF Output for 430MHz • Power-On Message • Direct Function Key • Direct Frequency Entry • Auto Repeater Offset • 1750 Hz Tone Burst • Time-Out Timer • Battery Select (Li-ion / AAA Battery) • Beat Shift • Frequency Shift • VOX Circuit included (Operation with Optional headset) • Battery Capacity Indicator • Wide / Narrow Deviation Selection (Per Channel) • Busy Channel Lock-OutDirect Function Keys Everyday functions are pre-programmed to 11 of the 12 keys. The additional PF key can be assigned a custom function, making it possible to tailor the TH-K20A for optimum convenience. There is no need to use a menu: one key push provides direct access. And to prevent accidental operation, three types of key lock are provided.
Backlit LCD and Keypad Backlighting for the large 13-segment LCD display is a welcome feature when picking memory names or changing settings. Similarly, keypad backlighting facilitates operation in low-light situations.
Internal VOX The TH-K20A offers convenient hands-free operation when using an optional headset. The internal VOX (voice-operated transmission) circuitry provides automatic PTT and a 10-level (Off/1-9) sensitivity adjustment to suit different ambient noise levels. VOX delay time is also adjustable.
CTCSS & DCS Encoder/Decoder + Cross Tone Capability Thanks to the built-in CTCSS (Continuous Tone Coded Squelch System) and DCS (Digital Code Squelch) encoder/decoder, the TH-K20A can handle 42 CTCSS sub-tone frequencies plus 104 DCS codes. And one can set separate TX and RX signaling types so as to access a repeater that uses different encode/ decode signaling.
Power On Message ▲ Time-out Timer ▲ Priority Scan ▲ Band Scan, Program Scan, MR Scan, CALL Scan, CTCSS Scan / DCS Scan ▲ Wide/Narrow Channel Spacing ▲ Busy Channel Lockout ▲ Key Lock Type Select ▲ Battery Save ▲ SMA Antenna Connector ▲ Automatic Repeater Offset ▲ 1,750 Hz Tone Burst ▲ Direct Keypad Frequency Entry ▲ DTMF Autodial Memories (16ch, up to 16 digits) ▲ Battery Capacity Indicator (on transmit) ▲ Electronic Serial Number

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