KL-320 LARGE Display Two Way Radio Dual Band Handheld Transceiver 8-Watt 2800mAh Amateur Radio, with FREE Programming Cable

Main Features
Large Half Dot Matrix LCD Display
Tri-color LCD Backlight
Dual Display
128 Channels
Priority Channel Scan
50 CTCSS / 104 DCS Encode & Decode
Scan Function
Voice Compandor
High/Low Power Setting
Selective Call, Group Call
Remote Kill, Stun & Activate
Wide/Narrow Band 25kHz / 12.5kHz
Voice Operated Transmit VOX
Squelch Tail Elimination
Time Out Timer
FM Radio

Technical Specification
1) General Specification
Frequency Range: VHF 136-174MHZ/400-520MHZ
Channel Capacity: 128
Stepping: 5/6.25/10/12.5/25/100KHz
Operating Voltage: DC7.2V(rechargeable lithium battery)
Fequency Stability: ±2.5ppm
Operating Temperature: -20°C~+50 °C
Battery Capacity: 2800mAh
Dimension(H*W*D)(Without Antenna): 135mm*60mm*35mm

2) Transmitter
Output: 8W
Modulation(broadband/narrowband: 16K F3E/11K F3E
Maximum Deviation(wide/narrow): ≤5KHZ/ ≤2.5KHZ
Suprious Power: ≤7.5uW
Adjacent Channel Power: -≤65dB/ ≤-60dB
Noise Ratio: ≥-45dB/ >-40dB

3) Receiver
Audio Power: 1W
Audio Distortion: <10%
Intermodulation: ≥65dB/≥60dB
Adjacent Channel Selectivity: ≥65dB/≥60dB
Clutter Suppression: ≥65dB
Receive Current: ≤380mA
1. Features: Correct Battery Packed (updated on Aug. 15th 2017), Large Display (Tri-Color), 2800mAh Large Battery, 8-Watt RF Power High/Low Setting 8/4 Watt
2. Size: 9.9*7.9*2.4 in, Weight: about 1.36 lb, Output Power: 8W
3. Dual Band: VHF 136-174MHz & UHF 400-520MHz, Dual Display, Dual Standby
4. Functions: Simplex, 128-Channel, Scan, VOX, DTMF, CTSS/DCS, High/Low Power Setting
5. Kit Includes: KL-320 2-way radio, Antenna, Battery, Charger, Adapter, Hand Strap, Belt Clip and Screw, with FREE Programming Cable, download the Programming Software: https://s3.amazonaws.com/kl-320/KL-320+Programming+Software.rar

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