La Crosse Technology 810-1461 NOAA Weather Alert Handheld Radio with Flashlight

Reliable emergency weather at your fingertips. Updates & alerts you of any severe approaching weather with audio announcements, changing LCD display from Blue to Red, and flashing warning indicator light. Receives NOAA frequency from 7 weather bands, and AM/FM broadcasts. Also features flashlight, earphone port, A/C jack, 6″ protected telescoping antenna. With it’s non-slip grip sides & included AC adapter, take with you camping, hiking, or for any everyday tasks.all NOAA Weather band channels
High quality USA-made digital radio IC chip to give you excellent receiver performance
Backlight LCD changes from Blue to Red screen to alert you of severe weather
Red LED bulb on top of radio flashes slow for standby mode, & flashes rapidly for alerts
Built-in white LED flashlight

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