Life Gear Stormproof USB or Crank Flashlight Plus Radio & Siren

Critical when the power goes out, the stormproof crank radio light provides light, radio, and siren, allowing you not only to have light, but keep informed of the latest news and weather as well. The built-in USB cable allows for a 2 hour quick charge. In the event of emergency, when no battery power or recharge power is available, one minute of crank power will provide 10 minutes of light or radio. The crank light will also charge your smart phone in an emergency. Water resistant and built with rugged construction, This light will stand up to the roughest storms. This light is great for home and outdoor use, camping, hunting, and emergency situations. Withstand the next storm with the stormproof crank light.Led flashlight can be charged by USB or crank power in emergency
Usb cord is built into the unit so keep you flashlight powered everyday in case of power outage
Added safety features include FM radio & safety Siren for audible signaling
Keep in bug out bag, car, home or in camping gear for light Plus radio for any safety situation
If needed, make an emergency phone call by charging your phone with USB crank out option.

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