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LUTEC is one of the leading horizontal integrated manufacturer of premium outdoor lighting.
It has professional and international team of designers and engineers that work together everyday, using the most updated software, coming up with innovative solutions and products.

Materia: UV Protect ABS
Lamp: LED
Level: IP54/Class III
Include Battery: 3.7V 2200mAh Li-ion
Power Supply: Solar PV/5V 1.6W
USB Port: Input Voltage Max 5V and Input Current Max 2A

Four-steps dimmer
At the first press, it outputs light of 120 lumens
The second press, will turn it up to 50 lumens
The third press, will make it reach the maximum, 10 lumens
And the following press would simply turn it off.

Why buy this light?
1.The luminaire is made of ABS, making it much safer, thanks to the high UV resistance.
2.The solar lighting produces very little heat and provides electrical protection Class III: a safe device for children and animals.
3.It can be either stand or hanged.
4.It can be integrated elegantly in various environments, and delivers magic atmospheres for your life.
5.Stand provide diffused light, soft on the eyes.

1*Solar light
1*USB cable
1*User Manual

Kind Remind
•Do not put the battery in fire – it may explode.
•Dust might decrease the efficiency of the panel. Use a dry clean cloth to clean the lantern and solar panel regularly. Never use strong chemicals as this can damage the plastic parts.
•Please fully charge the device before first use. The indicator will turn from red to green when fully charged.
•If the LED lights turn off suddenly or star to blink repeatedly, this indicates that the unit is low on power, you have to charge it timely.

Quality Guarantee
Enjoy 30 Days Money Back and 12 Months Warranty!
LUTEC, your outdoor light expert!Efficient Power Conversion : single-crystal silicon panels with 93% transmittance,  can faster get battery charging in less sunshine environment
Two Kinds Of Charging Ways : the lantern can be charged via efficient solar panels or via a USB cable, so the brightness always with you
Reliable And Versatile : this neat stylish lantern has won the iF Design Award and it has a hook can be hanged like a lantern for camping, walking, working lighting etc
Litter Heat Max Brightness : the luminaire is made of ABS produces very little heat and it comes with the high UV resistance, provides electrical protection Class III: a safe device for children and animals
Eco-Friendly : solar panel will automatically keep battery getting charged as long as it exposure to sunlight.The battery is high quality 3.7v 2200mAH rechargeable Li-ion

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