Midland HH54VP2 Portable Emergency Weather Radio with SAME (Black)

The Midland HH54VP2 Portable Emergency Weather Alert radio includes a belt clip, rechargeable battery pack, and a drop-in charger with AC adapter. With S.A.M.E. technology up to 9 counties may be designated to receive alerts/warnings. A great convenience feature especially when you are away from home is Weather Scan, which will scan and lock onto the strongest NOAA broadcast automatically. The unique Home/Travel mode lets you select the NOAA channel for your area the menu, while the Travel mode will scan and lock onto the strongest NOAA signal. The HH54VP Tri-Color LED gives 3 types of alerts, either “warning”, “watch” or “advisory”, and features three user-selectable alerts modes. Select from tone, voice, or visual (flashing backlight) for the over 60 types of alerts.Handheld weather-alert radio with S.A.M.E. digital technology gives you NOAA weather information anytime/anywhere
Home/Travel weather modes
Weather scan and weather alert
Over 60 emergency alerts and stores up to 9 county codes
Recommended by Department of Homeland Security for emergency preparedness
SAME Technology to receive alerts/warnings for designated area
Weather Scan to find the strongest NOAA broadcast
Home/Travel mode
3 alert options: Tone, Voice, and Visual
Stores up to 9 County Codes

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