Moncia Shaping Massager RF Radio Frequency Cavitation Therepy 3 in 1 Multifunctional Machine moxibustion Tank Negative Pressure Stone Rechargeable,Household

1.Massage the acupuncture points with essential oils for 3-5 minutes before scraping.
2.Before and after scraping, you should drink a cup of warm water to prevent excessive evaporation of water in the body and accelerate the discharge of toxins from the body.
3.During the scraping process, you should avoid the wind and keep warm to prevent cold.
4.Scraping time If it is a cure scraping, it is recommended to do it once every 3-7 days; health care scraping is recommended once a week. Every time should not be too long, about 25-30 minutes is appropriate.
5.Pregnant women are banned, and the site of physical trauma is banned from scraping; over-muscle is full, drunkenness is banned; severe hypertension, heart disease, etc. are disabled.

Item Type: Scraping Massager
Item Color: As Pictures Shown
Voltage: 100-240V
Item Diameter: Approx. 8.5 cm / 3.3 inch
Item Height: Approx. 12 cm / 4.7 inch
Function: Eliminating toxins, pain and fatigue, promoting metabolism, Relaxing body and releasing stress

Package Include:
1 * Scraping Massager
2 * Bags of Filter Cotton
1 * Power Adapter
1. A Magnetic wave physiotherapy. effectively eliminates fatigue, improves the disappearance 0of inflammation and decreases swelling and pain. this can increase the collagen proteins, relax the nerves and release the pressure, etc.
2. This scrape massage is unapplicable to people suffering from high pressure .
3. Handheld massager – provides a deep tissue massage experience that promotes stress through a complete back, foot, leg, neck, shoulder and body massage.
4. 5 main functions, awaken the vitality of the whole body: shaking cupping, meridian dredge, intelligent control of temperature,pain in shoulders and neck.
5. Helps promote lymphatic detoxification and blood circulation, eliminates toxins through lymphatic circulation and scraping. Stone pin therapy can eliminate pain, eliminate fatigue, promote metabolism.

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