NOAA Weather Alert Radio | Solar Emergency Survival Device with AM/FM Transmission | Windup Power for Emergencies, Tornadoes, Hurricanes | Micro USB Charger and Power Bank for Cell Phones and Electron

When it comes to our customers’ satisfaction, we have one rule: settle for nothing but the best. This survival device is a top-quality product, with premium features and materials, ideal for the adventurer in you but also a great tool to have around the house!

Why is this product for you?

Because we know how hard it is for you to always have to carry dozens of items in your backpack, to satisfy your basic needs when going on camping trips. Now you have them all in one single device! Because your safety must be treated seriously and it never hurts being prepared with a basic survival tool in case of emergency.

Some of the amazing features of this product:

· NOAA AM/FM weather alert function;

· 1W led torch with zoom flashlight;

· 4LED reading lamp;

· 2000mAh Li-Ion power source with USB charging port;

· SOS function;

· AM/FM radio tuner;

· 4 charging options: handle crank, solar power (eco-friendly), AAA batteries, USB charging;

· BONUS: 4-in-one USB cable: lightening cable, 2 micro-USB and 30 pin

ORDER NOW and reap all the benefits this amazing product has to offer! Satisfy your basic camping necessities with this all-in-one survival kit!

NATIONAL OCEANIC & ATMOSPHERIC ADMINISTRATION; The Service Survival Weather Alert Radio is your trusted emergency accessory to be prepared when disaster strikes; With NOAA weather alarms or alerts through AM/FM transmission, you can be certain to stay up to date with any changes occurring during severe catastrophic weather
: NO MORE RUNNING OUT OF BATTERY; Our Weather Alert Radio by Service Survival features a micro USB charging port to ensure you’re never left without power; Simply connect to the USB charger and the 2000mAh power bank will replenish the battery life on any micro USB compatible device
HAND CRANK & SOLAR POWER SOURCE; The Service Survival Weather Alert Radio is powered off various sources, guaranteeing its functionality no matter the situation; 1 minute of manual handcrank supports 20 minutes of light or 10-15 minutes of broadcasting; Or simply use its solar panel for charging during daylight
ALL-IN-ONE TOOL; This portable Weather Alert Radio by Service Survival is an all in one emergency survival tool; Featuring basic components of a successful outdoor trip such as 1W LED torch, 4 LED reading lamp, 2000mAh power bank, SOS functionality, and AM FM transmission; AAA batteries compatible (not included)
SPECIFICATIONS; NOAA AM/FM weather alert function; 2000 mAh Li-Ion Power Source; USB Charging Port, AM/FM Channel Tuner; 4-in-1 USB Cable: lightening cable, 2 micro-USB and 30 pin; Weight: 14.4 oz

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