Olywiz HTD826 Long Range Walkie Talkie 2W Handheld GMRS two way radio 16-Channel Sport Cars Appearance 4 PACK

Product Features:
•FM Radio(optional)
•Large Battery Capacity
•Ultra-Long Standby Time
•Voice Prompt
•Battery Power Saving, Low Power Reminder
•TOT Function
•Time-out Timer Pre-alarm
•Built in CTCSS/ DCS encode and decode Solution
•Monitor, Scan Function

Technical Specifications:
•Frequency: 400-470MHz
•Output Power: 2W
•Capacity: 1800mAh
•Voltage: DC3.7V
•Appearance: Black
•Battery: Li-ion
•Dimensions: 55*103*32mm
•Weight: 189g
•Channel number: 16

FM Radio(optional); TOT Function;Time-out Timer Pre-alarm;Monitor, Scan Function
Frequency range from 406-470MHz(UHF), Channel Number: 16 (Programmable Amateur Radio)
Battery power saving, low power reminder,1800mAh battery capacity available for 4 days in standby status
Walkie Talkie Model: HTD825 Walkie talkie is designed by the American radio expert, and we do our best to improve your user experience
Easy to carry with included belt clips,Perfect for warehouse, restaurant, hotel and security; Easy to operate for all the team work

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