Panasonic RF-2400D Portable AM/FM Radio Player – Rugged Pocket Radio – Battery Operated Vintage Transistor Radio – Large Tuning Knob – Best Reception – Includes 12 Panasonic AA Batteries

➤ Do you or someone you know still love to use the old-fashioned AM/FM radio? ➤ Are you looking for one that is portable, easy to use and will pick up even the weakest signals? Presenting Panasonic RF-2400D AM / FM Radio! Even though there have been great advancements in technology, there is still a portion of the population (especially older folks) that enjoy listening to a classic radio. There is something nostalgic and pleasantly simple about listening to a radio station through a classic rugged radio like the Panasonic RF-2400D. This radio will never go out of style, nor should it! Includes a power cord and 12 AA batteries so you can listen to the radio ANYWHERE: 📻 Gardening and Yard Cleanup 📻 Working on Your Car 📻 At the Job Site 📻 Camping or at the Beach / Lake 📻 During Hurricanes and Power Outages 📻 While Cooking and Cleaning 📻 Baseball Games and Other Sporting Events 📻 Out on Your Patio or Deck Loaded with Convenient Features! ✔ The handle not only makes it easy to carry around, but you can hang it up too! ✔ There’s a large tuning knob so you can flip from station to station with effortless precision. ✔ The station numbers are large and very easy to read. ✔ When you’re properly tuned into a station the red indicator light will go on to let you know. ✔ You also have the ability to plug in earphones and headphones when you want a little more peace and quiet. 🎁 Thoughtful Gift Idea! Trying to think of a great gift for Mom, Dad, Grandma or Grandpa? Look no further. They’ll love this mini radio and put it to good use right away. It’s also perfect for anyone that works construction or loves to spend time outdoors. Click the “Add to Cart” button now to grab a classic portable radio that gets the best reception, guaranteed!🎵 CLASSIC THROWBACK RADIO THAT’S SUPER PORTABLE & DURABLE – The Panasonic RF-2400D AM/FM Radio is a true classic. It’s lightweight and portable! This simple radio measures approximately 3.2 x 9.2 x 4.8 inches and weighs around 1 pound. Use it while outside gardening, in your workshop, camping or during power outages.
🎵 LISTEN TO ALL YOUR FAVORITE STATIONS, EVEN GRABS WEAK SIGNALS – This tabletop radio will pick-up broadcasts that other radios just can’t grab. The analogue tuner has a Frequency Range FM 87 – 108MHz (50kHz step) and AM 520 – 1730kHz (9/10kHz step). Never worry about missing a baseball game or your favorite talk radio.
🎵 UNRIVALLED SOUND QUALITY, EVEN LISTEN WHILE SHOWERING! – Even though it’s small in size, it produces loud, crystal clear sound. Some people even use it while they shower with no issues! The handy radio features a 10cm Speaker and Ferrite Antenna for perfect reception and sound every time. There’s even spot to plug in earphones/headphones.
🎵 LARGE TUNING KNOB AND RED TUNING INDICATOR LIGHT – On the side of the transistor radio is large tuning knob which allows you to easily go from station to station until you find the one you like. When the station is tuned properly, the red indicator light will come on letting you know that you’re good to go.
🎵 COMES WITH A PACK OF 12 PANASONIC AA BATTERIES – If you’re not near an outlet you don’t need to worry. Not only does it include a 110V AC power cord, but we also added a pack of 12 Panasonic AA batteries. Now you can listen to your vintage boombox radio wherever you may be.

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