Pass Your Amateur Radio General Class Test – The Easy Way: 2019-2023 Edition

NOTE: Here’s a new “All Ham And No Spam” approach to passing the General Class test. The test is multiple choice and the other study guides take you through the 452 possible questions including all four answers for each question. But, three of the four answers are WRONG! You are reading 1,356 wrong answers and that is both confusing and frustrating. The Easy Way is a concise explanation of every question and answer focusing on the right answers. There are also hints and cheats help you remember the correct answer. Which would you rather study: right answers or over 250 pages with three-quarters of the answers wrong? Instructors: This book is perfect for review or weekend courses. Have the students read the narrative before class, then go over the concepts with them rather than slogging through all those wrong answers. You’ll be done in no time and the students will be fully prepared to take their tests.

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