POPGER RF Weight Loss Machine For Body Slimming Cellulite Removal Skin Tightening Lifting Body Skin Care Massager

Why should you try our slimming machine?
1. Very lazy but wants to lose weight. 
2. Weight loss through exercise is not good enough or it is easy to rebound. 
3. Like to eat, especially high-calorie foods. 
4. Don’t like sports at all. 
5. Looking for better, more scientific and effective ways to lose weight. 
6. Work too busy to go to the gym. 

Get more details about the three functions: 
RF (radio frequency) Slimming Machine: Accelerate the decomposition of fat, effectively improve the waist circumference, arm circumference, and hip circumference. Also can shrink the collagen fiber, increase the thickness of the dermis layer, effectively smooth wrinkles, stretch marks, and sagging skin. 
Fat Burner Machine: CV is a high frequency sonic. It helps improve cell metabolism, enhance cell viability, and improve skin tissue nutrition. At the same time, it breaks down fat and promotes lymphatic drainage. 
Skin Care Tool: it is effective in health care, enhances cell activity, promotes collagen secretion, and fills the skin, lifting and firming skin, making the skin smoother and more elastic. 

1.You should use with slimming essential oil or skin care product. 
2.Not suitable for these body parts: face, neck, elbow, wrist, knee, ankle, foot, etc. 
3.Each part treatment should not over 10minutes, times a week. 
4.This machine is not waterproof. 

Product Specification:
Input voltage: AC 100-240V
Output voltage: DC 10.5V 0.4A
Power: 4.2W
Net weight: 259g
Size: 114*90*100mm
Material: ABS Stainless steel 

Package including:
Weight loss machine×1
Power adapter×1
User manual×1
-Know more about the machine. The machine mainly uses RF and CV functions to burn fat, so that reduces the fat content, and improves the loose skin and anti wrinkled to achieve the effect of slimming and beautiful body.
-Scientific weight loss. Effectively get rid of difficult exercise methods such as load exercise and dieting, scientific physical therapy and safe for the human body. Stainless steel metal head fits comfortably to the skin, let you more enjoy the slimming.
-Best choice for lazy people. Swimming 1 hour or running 2 hours is so difficult for lazy people and people who don’t like sport. Just need 10 minutes a day to use it at home or work, help to save your time.
-Also can be a gift. Equipment with a combination of skin care and slimming, lightweight and small, the design is sleek and simple, it is very suitable as a gift for friends and family.
-Design so simple. Super easy to operate, each feature has its own separate button. Although it is a professional beauty slimming instrument, it does not require professional guidance.

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