Portable AM/FM Radio, Compact Transistor Radio, Handy Pocket Radio with Earphone Jack, Built-in Speaker, Carrying Strap, Battery Powered

In this digital era, we’re surrounded by your smartphone, tablet or laptop, leaving you with no
breathing space and no peace of mind. But sometimes all we need is just to lay back with a
simple transistor radio, like in the old days. With this AM/FM Transistor Radio, we can unwind
by tuning into favorite music station, with zero distractions, and no annoying touch screens
with endless options. Authentic pleasure in real time.

When power interruptions occur for long periods of time, batteries of all gadgets eventually
die. It’s a very stressful feeling of isolation. But with this AM/FM pocket radio, which runs on
AAA batteries found in every household, you can stay connected and get broadcast news in
real time. Keep one in your emergency kit, it’ll come in handy.

In an age of ever evolving digital electronics, it’s nice to know some things never change. Radio
broadcasts rock even today. This AM/FM pocket radio will take you back to your younger years
without compromising sound quality. With a built-in large speaker, it can easily fill a room
with your treasured songs, or favorite baseball game.

Want to score some compliments when choosing a present for your parents, grandparents,
aunts or uncles? This AM/FM radio is the ultimate gadget to purchase. Simple to use, yet
elegant and classy, it’s sure to fill their heart with joy.AM/FM Radio: AM from 520-1710KHz and FM from 87.5-108Mhz. With this radio, you can unwind by tuning into your favorite music stations, ball games, fishing tris and other on-the-go uses
Portable Handy Pocket Radio: Weighs just under 5 oz and measures a mere 2.6 in by 4.6 in. Small-sized and handheld for when space is at a premium but you need large sound. Makes walking, camping outdoors, and backpack travel nice and relaxing
Easy to use transistor radio: Convenient slide-rule dial on the side allows for quick, 1-finger tuning; hand strap for easy carrying. LED tuning indicator lights up when reception is clear and strong, no any complicated buttons that make you feel uncertain
Long lasting performance: Powered by (2) AA batteries (not included) this energy-efficient and high quality analog radio will provide countless hours of enjoyment. Be a good eco-friendly listener and fill your radio with rechargeable batteries
Earphone jack and Built-in speaker: 2.25-inch speaker provides clear, dynamic sound; built-in headphone jack for private listening. 1 year warranty period and lifetime after-sales support let you no worries to use this radio

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