Portable Shaping Massager Rechargeable Frequency Shaping Equipment with Ultrasonic RF System to Shape Your Legs Arms Lower Abdomen

Long press the ON/OFF button to turn on this device, and you can also to press this botton momentarily to change the mode you like
This device can be used on your arms, lower abdomen, thigh, calf, lower abdomen, and butt which has fat
About 10 Minutes around your waist, and 5 minutes each area on your arms, legs, and butt Measure the waistline, and other circumference before using

Vibration frequency: 300,000 times/s
Operating voltage: 8.4V
Operating current: 0.14-1.4A
Charging voltage: 5.0V
Power: 12W
Item size: 4.3 * 3.5 * 3.5in (L * W * H)

Package Content:
1 × Fat burner
1 × Plug
1 × User manual (Chinese/English)

Please do NOT use this item on your head, neck, collarbone, chest (esipecially round your heart), elbow, wrist, ankle, feet, and backbone
Persist on using this device to get a better effect
Please also keep on a healthy diet and exercise300,000 times/s ultrasonic high frequency vibration – Promote the decomposition of fat to shape your arms, legs, and lower abdomen
Radio Frequency System – Heat the fat so that it can be dissolved faster in your body to lose weight
Functional red light – 625nm wavelength help to activate your skin cells and promote the metabolism of cells, improve your skin condition
Multifunctional – 4 modes: skin mode, fat-burning mode 1, fat-burning mode 2 and shaping mode, just press the on/off button, and you can easily changing the mode you like
Easy hold, portable and rechargeable – you can easily hold this massager when using and take it when traveling

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