Qzc Emergency Hand-Crank Generator- Radio, Flashlight, Beacon, Solar Power Cell Phone Charger

No need for disposable batteries.
it has DC(hand generator) and solar power generator.
It doesn’t consume alot of power and difficult to break LED lights.
Can recharge many smart phones and devices.
It has siren, alarm light and radio function (FM・AM) for outdoor activity, disasters, and emergencies.
3 in 1 (4 in 1)Multi Charging USB Cable and Micro USB cable
Radio frequency: AM /540-1650 KHz, FM /76-108 MHz
Speaker rating output: 100 mW
Power consumption: Less than 0.5 W
Type of bulb: 3 LED light bulbs Light bulb life: About 10.000 hours
Weight: 272g
Built-in power supply: Lithium polymer battery
How to charge: Solar/DC/USB
Solar Power Generator,Hand-Crank Generator
Power Bank Function , Cell Phone Charger Included
No batteries or electricity required! Our high quality hand crank emergency flashlight is ideal for disaster preparedness and severe weather conditions
LED Life About 10.000 hours 3 LED Light
In any emergency when the power goes out, this self-powered, multi-purpose, waterproof flashlight comes to the rescue! It’s the perfect lifesaving accessory to have in your home, car and emergency kit!

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