RADTEL T18 Two Way Radio UHF 400-470MHz FM Handheld Walkie Talkie with Voice Annunciation & Scrambler , Loud and Clear Voice (1 Pack)

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Busy Channel lockout
This function can prevent other two way radio from disturbance

VOX sensitivity
You can speak to radio to activate transmitting without press PTT button

Squelch level 0-9

Voice Guide
There is voice guide when power ON or select channels, you can use PC software to program it as OFF, Chinese, English

Time out Timer
This function is to prevent any person from using the channel for an extended period of time


Wide/Narrow Band
It allows you to select wide band (25khz) or narrow band (12.5khz) by PC software

Battery Save
The function decreases the power used when a signal is not being received and no operations are being performed

The radio can scan in 16th channel, it will scan the activate channels to talk.
Lower Power Alert
If the radio battery power is low, the radio will sound the low power annunciation or sounds the “du..”
This is another voice encryption different from sub tone, if this function enable, the radio will transmit signal+encryption code and the receiver must be enable this function before they can communicate with clear voice.
Voice Compand

Packing list:
1 x RADTEL T18 UHF Radio
1x Li-ion Battery Pack
1x Charger
1x Antenna
1x Belt clip
1x English User manual

software download link: https://s3.amazonaws.com/radio-software/RADTEL+T18+Setup+v1.15.zipThe RADTEL T18 rechargeable radios are well designed for your indoor use like Hotel, Restaurant, kids & outdoor use like excursions, travel, Climbing, adventures. Take a pair of radios on your camping, hiking or to your house backyard or nearby park.
Single band UHF 400-470mhz with output power 2-3w, 16 Channels with Voice annunciation and Scrambler, Voice Compand. Very loud and Clear voice and prefect for your communication need.
You can use programming cable to program the radio to some other frequencies you wanted for PMR, FRS or GMRS, the cable is K-Connector and is compatible with Baofeng BF-888S programming cable, It support CHIRP programming now
With a simple push-to-talk button, you can enjoy outdoor activities and always keep connected to your travelling groups, friends and family.
The radio with English voice annunciation function, it is every easy and convenient for use on night

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