Retevis RT45 Walkie Talkies Hands Free Call Reminder Private Codes Two Way Radio with Headsets Covert Acoustic Tube Earpiece (6 Pack)

Retevis RT45 is a real durable license-free two way radio. Good range and reception plus loud and clear audio make it very popular in business or personal use
Keypad Lock
Radios with the keypad lock feature allow you to “Lock” the buttons so that pressing them has no effect. This is useful if you are carrying the radio in your pocket or in a purse where buttons could accidentally get pressed
Dual Channel Watch
Dual channel watch allows you to monitor two channel/privacy code combinations at once
Dual power
If you plan to use your radio frequently, upgrading to a model that includes rechargeable batteries will pay for itself in no time
Radios supporting the Voice Activated Transmit (VOX) feature allow you to use your two way radio “hands-free”
121 Privacy codes

Privacy codes make it possible for your to take your two way radio to high traffic places and still be able to communicate with your group in relative privacy

Adjustment volume level
Call tone
Keyboard lock
Low battery alarm
VOX funcion
Room Monitor
Channel Monitor
Channel Scan
TOT (180s)
Dual Watch
Roger Beep

Frequency range : UHF radio
Memory Channel 22CH
Supply voltage 3 x “AA”RechargeableĀ batteries

Package includes
6 x RT45 two way radio
6 X Original headsets
6 x Belt clip
18 x AAA NIMH Rechargeable Batteries
3 x USB charge cable
3 x Adapter
3 x User manual
Pretty sturdy two way radios with portable size and perfect performance; Enable you always have the fluent and clear conversation within its range regardless indoors or outdoors
Each radio has a wide flat bottom and USB Jack ensure it can stand well when charge it using the adapter; Rechargeable battery also save you money in a long run
Each channel can be set a private codes to keep you from the interference when you are in the same channel with others; Dual watch monitor two channels enable you not miss the call you want when you are working
Dual power and powerful torch are really a good bonus for your to go outside especially at night or when you need to work outside for a long time; High quality covert headsets block the noise and give you a quiet world when working
Easy to use and can work directly out of box; Have a 2 year warranty and 30 days no reason return after purchasing; You can enough time to try and think twice to ensure you bought the right two way radio

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