Retevis RT5 Dual Band 2 Way Radio 8W 136-174/400-520MHz FM Scan VOX Car Charging Function Ham Amateur Radio(Back,2 pack)with Programming Cable

The Retevis 2nd generation RT5 is an upgraded version.It has some unique features.
8W output power and long battery life using great in the outdoors, like hunting, hiking, also widely using in security guard,urban governance, taxi
Crystal sound quality makes you listen more clear,even in a noisy environment,like working on the street/bar/restaurant,or other Large-scale public activities
The battery can support the car charger.It is convenient for you to bring it outside.
1000/1450/1750/2100 MHz tone burst for repeater connection
How do you get it to connect with a repeater
Please reference below the steps:
Set the radio to frequency :VHF(mode) with (VHF/MR) key
Entering the repeater output (your receiving) frequency by either up or down key by entering it directly on the keyboard
Press menu key to enter the menu
Press 26 to get the offset frequency
Press menu key to select
Use up and down key to enter the specified to frequency offset.See the selection called”26 OFFSET” for details
Press menu to save and confirm
Enter 25 on keyboard to get to offset direction
Use up and down key to select positive or negative offset
Press menu to confirm and save

Frequency Range:VHF+UHF:136-174+400-520MHz
Output power:8W/5W/1W(High/Medium /Low)
Channel capacity:128CH
Battery capacity:2500mAh
Frequency step:2.5/5/10/12.5/25/50kHz
Wide/Narrow Band: 25kHz/12.5kHz)
Keypad lock function
Low battery alarm
Power saving function
Monitor function
DTMF function
Scanning function
FM radio(65-108)MHz
Package Include
2 x RT5 8W radio
2 x Antenna
2 x High capacity Li-ion battery pack
2 x Adapter
2 x Charger
2 x Belt clip
2 x Hand strap
2 x Headset
1 x English user manual
1 x Programming cable
1 x CD
High/Medium/Low power output(8 W/5W/1W) 2 way radio;50CTCSS/ 105DCS for private calls
Car charger support battery allow you carry it outside when you need to work or trip for a long time
High output power and large battery capacity 2 way radio using great in city and mountain area
Built-in flashlight and 4 color LCD display provide additional visibility in dark environments;Highly recommend Retevis RT-773 extensible antenna if you need longer range
Simple and Convenient return process;1 year warranty and 30 days return; No matter any reason and within 30 days you can apply for a return including the radio accessory

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