Safe-One Solar , Hand-Crank , Power Bank LED Flashlight with Radio iPhone , Smart phone Charger

・ No need for disposable batteries. it has DC(hand generator) and solar power generator. ・ It doesn’t consume alot of power and difficult to break LED lights. ・ Can recharge many smart phones and devices. ・ It has siren, alarm light and radio function (FM・AM) for outdoor activity, disasters, and emergencies. ・ 3 in 1 (4 in 1)Multi Charging USB Cable and Micro USB cable Size(cm): About 19 x8.2x9.8 Materials: PBS, PS, PVC Radio frequency: AM /540-1650 KHz, FM /76-108 MHz Speaker rating output: 100 mW Power consumption: Less than 0.5 W Type of bulb: 3 LED light bulbs Light bulb life: About 10.000 hours Manufatured in: China Weight: 272g Built-in power supply: Lithium polymer battery How to charge: Solar/DC/USBSolar Power Generator,Hand-Crank Generator
Power Bank Function ,iPhone Charge Android Smart phone Charger
LED Life About 10.000 hours 3 LED Light
Siren / Alarm lamp , English Manual
FM / AM Radio , With  3 in 1 (4 in 1)Multi Charging USB Cable and Micro USB cable

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