Sony Portable AM/FM Transistor Radio with Built-in Speaker, Headphone Jack + AA Batteries

AM/FM Tuner Built-in Speaker Headphone Jack Telescoping Antenna Includes Carrying Strap 2 x AA Battery Powered LEDTuning Indicator LEDBattery Status IndicatorUltra-Compact and Lightweight Pocket Size Design with a wrist style carry strap you can take it along anywhere. Fits easily into your shirt, pants or jacket pocket, or keep it in your handbag, fanny pack or armband for convenience and easy portability.
AM/FM Tuner Lets you choose from the wide range of radio talk shows and music programming, and the LED Tuning Indicator helps provide precise station tuning even in dim light. With the built-in Telescopic and Ferrite Bar Antenna you will get exceptionally Clear Reception from any FM or AM stations.
Built-In 2.25″ Speaker gives you great sound quality and convenient listening anywhere. In addition, the Earphone Jack gives you private listening enjoyment and improved sound clarity in any environment.
Extra Long Battery Life; with low power consumption; over 100 hours of battery use. Uses Standard AA Batteries.
Ready to use, with Alkaline Batteries included.

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