Spy Hawk Law Grade Counter Surveillance PRO Sweep 10GHz – Radio Frequency Detection + Camera Lens Finder. Handheld Bug Sweep Detects All Active GPS Live Trackers + All Hidden Cameras

Spy Hawk MAXI-TECH DEFENDER Law-Grade Counter Surveillance PRO Sweep Deluxe 10G – Newest Upgraded 10G Model for Professional Security Bug Sweep Detection

Now upgraded with 2 crucial precision functions – Capable of finding all active transmitting bugs within seconds using this Professional Bug Sweeper trusted by Law Enforcement & Federal Agents world-wide for their Counter Surveillance needs

Imagine Having The Same Protection Used by Federal Agents, Law Enforcement, & Professional Investigators

From 10MHz up to 10GHz. Now increased detection capacity – you can find all modern transmitting frequencies now up to 10GHz!

Are You Bugged or Spied On? Being Tracked by GPS? Now You’ll Know For Sure In Seconds.

#1 Best Advanced Bug Detector for Vehicle, Home, & Office Protection For Over 10 Years Running!

2 Vital Function:
Wireless confirmation and detection up to 10GHz
Camera lens finder with precision location

In Seconds You’ll Detect AND Prevent All These Spying Devices:
Wired and Wireless Cameras
Wireless Mics
Audio Transmitter Bugs
Video Transmitter Transmitters
GPS tracking (when device is transmitting)
All Wireless Transmitter Bugs
GPS Vehicle Tracking Devices
All Types of Concealed Transmitters
Hidden Video Cameras (Spy-Cams)
Computer and FAX Eavesdropping Transmitters
“Series” and “Parallel” Telephone Transmitters
Bumper Beepers & Body Worn Transmitters

Included with this item:
Spy Hawk MAXI-TECH Law-Grade Sweep
Lens finder attachment
9V Battery
Quick start guide instructions

UNPLUG WIFI and ROUTER and all Wireless Equipment prior to sweepNEWEST UPGRADED MODEL RELEASE – SPY HAWK MAXI-TECH DEFENDER LAW-GRADE PRO SWEEP COUNTER SURVEILLANCE DELUXE 10G is the # 1 SELLING PORTABLE SWEEP UNIT – Offers 2 Primary Functions: Locates All Electronic RF Signal Detection – Portable GPS Spy Bug Sweeper – Finds GPS Active Trackers, ALL Hidden Cameras. Stop all illegal eavesdroppers buy one now!
WIDEST DETECTION RANGE OF ANY HANDHELD PORTABLE BUG SWEEPS NOW UPGRADED SPY HAWK MAXI-TECH DEFENDER Law-Grade Counter Surveillance PRO Sweep Deluxe 10G bug detector has one of the highest detection ranges compared to all RF signal detectors in the industry, able to pick up frequencies between 10MHZ-10GHZ. Other devices max out at 6GHZ and are not able to detect modern surveillance equipment.
DETECTS ALL ACTIVE TRANSMITTING BUGS, WIRELESS MICS AND HIDDEN CAMERAS: This electronic bug sweeper quickly and effectively detects everything from Spy cameras, Wiretaps, Transmitting Real Time GPS Trackers, Telephone transmitters, to the latest Infinity Devices.
HIGH QUALITY, DURABLE, RELIABLE AND ACCURATE DETECTION of All Transmitting Bugs and Hidden Cameras. Just turn it on, and begin to instantly scan premises for illegal listening transmitters, GPS Trackers and Hidden Cameras. Great for Travel and Hotel Rooms, Locker Rooms, Store Dressing Rooms etc.
EASY TO OPERATE: You only need one thumb to operate this anti spy detector, which comes in handy when discretion and speed is required. The straightforward control panel is complemented with a high quality battery that keeps charge for extended periods. NOTE: UNPLUG WIFI and ROUTER and all Wireless Equipment prior to sweeping. Free TECH SUPPORT for Lifetime of Purchase

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