Survival Knight Hand Crank LED Flashlight – Self Powered Emergency Radio And Power Bank For Personal Electronics

Never Be Without Light! The Survival Knight hand crank/USB chargeable, flashlight-radio-power bank, is a must have multi-tool in any survival or emergency situation. These include: hiking, camping, auto breakdowns, earth quakes, storms, floods, and tactical prepper situations. With a powerful long lasting LED flashlight, you will never have to be without light. And since it also has a built in power-bank, you are able to recharge your phones and small electronics in order to maintain communications during tough situations. The FM radio, allows the ability to stay up to date on all emergency news, as well as providing music for simple entertainment when tensions may run high. Two easy ways of charging the flashlight are available. The first is with the easy to use hand crank dynamo. And the second is with the USB port, which allows you to attach the flashlight to an electronic device during non-emergency times, via the USB cable that is included. Light weight and easy to carry by hand or in a backpack. Never be without light when carrying a Survival Knight flashlight!Small, light weight, easily carried by hand or in a backpack.
Lithium ion battery – the best rechargeable battery on the market.
Two ways of charging battery, by hand crank and by USB port. Includes USB cable.
Built in power bank, is able to charge small electronics such as phones and tablets.
Stylish design, NOT a clunky looking 80’s era, heavy square box radio flashlight.

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