Weight Loss Machine Radio Frequency Fat Remove Body Massager Home Use Device MEILYLA

Weight loss machine can remove fat effectively and tightens the skin on your entire body, relax back muscle.
Applies body oil when massager can play a better results.

Red Light Function:
Red light therapy aims for reducing and eliminating fine lines,
wrinkles to restore your skin’s youthful appearance.

Cavitation Vibration Function:
This function sends powerful shock waves and penetrates into
the cells breaking up and allowing them to disperse.
so that to remove and built your perfect figure.

Radio Frequency Function:
The thermal energy generated from 500KHz high frequency pulse
will shrink collagen and attain the effect of tightening skin,
improving wrinkles and reducing weight through continuous regeneration
and recombination as the time goes by.
Besides, Weight loss machine provided with 4 levels of RF function ranging from strong to weak,
which allows users to adjust the level in line with their own feelings.

Package Include:
1X Fat Remove Massager
1X Adaptor
1X Full detail Manual
1X Original BoxWeight Loss Machine — MEILYLA fat remove massager includes 3 modes: Radio-frequency, Cavitation, Red Light. Cavitation can accelerate the decomposition, take away wastes, enhance the effect of removing cellulite, remove stubborn and improve the sufficient absorption condition of diet products.
RELIEVE PAIN — Red Light is using the reasonable and compact construction to engender high frequency, so it can beautify skin. It’s not only has the effect of reducing the tiredness and aches, but also has some health protection and care function.
SKIN TIGHTENING — Radio requency machine that can stimulate collagen cells and increase skin flexibility. Remove wrinke and skin tightening.
Weight loss machine works effectively on any part of your body, Abdomen, buttocks, muscles, legs, Arms, back and much more.
HOME USE EASY — Fat remove massager has elegant appearance, lightweight design, easy and convenient to handle.

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